Giving Back

2020 has been a game changer...understatement of the century?! But, it has brought our mission into sharper focus. And, a huge part of that mission is extending the care and support that you show us, into the local community around us. We firmly believe that we are all stronger together, and that caring for one another is the best part of life. We also recognize that there is a time to be cared for and a time to be the caregiver.

So, we are officially kicking off our "give or get" campaign. From now on, you can choose to receive free shipping on any order over $150 by using code SHIPFREE, or you can pay the shipping cost and we will donate it to a local charity invested in promoting the health of our land and people. 

First organization on our giving list is Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, a group of dedicated people working hard to preserve open spaces, culturally significant sites, wildlife habitat and agricultural opportunity along with the spirit of lokahi. Basically, they are preserving paradise for the generations to come. Seems like a good clapback to the hand 2020 has dealt.